ANZ confirms staff investigation

Air New Zealand has confirmed that it has commenced an
investigation into an alleged breach of its staff travel policy. The alleged breach relates to suggestions that staff travel privileges
have been used in return for sexual favours. The issue was drawn to the
companys attention by a New Zealand magazine.

Group General Manager of Human Resources Vanessa Stoddart said Air New
Zealand viewed the alleged breach of policy extremely seriously.

“Obviously this matter will be fully investigated before any conclusions
are drawn by the company. Staff travel is a privilege and not a right.
We make it clear to all employees when they join the company that there
are strict rules governing the use of staff travel. One of these is that
it is not to be used for commercial gain. Abuse of the staff travel
privileges can result in these being withdrawn or ultimately dismissal
of the employee concerned,” said Ms Stoddart.

The magazine has only been able to provide Air New Zealand with the name
of one staff member, who works in a non-management role.

Air New Zealands staff travel programme has operated for several decades
and has been well respected by staff over that time.


Incidents of abuse of the staff travel programme are extremely rare.
When they do occur, they are treated with the same degree of gravity as
any other breach of company policy.

The staff travel programme incurs no cost to Air New Zealand. Staff can
only use seats that have not been booked by revenue paying passengers
and must fly standby.