PATA highlights top performers

Travel and tourism arrivals across the Asia Pacific region
expanded 4.5% in the fourth quarter of 2005 compared to fourth quarter 2004,
according to PATA’s comprehensive and
comparative listing of Asia Pacific destination performance.And Cambodia is emerging as one of the hottest new destinations in the region,
attracting the largest arrivals growth rates for full-year 2005 from such markets as
the Middle East & Africa, Other Americas (excluding Canada and the US) and Korea

PATA’s Fourth Quarter 2005 Quarterly Statistical Report shows which
destinations attracted the most increases in international visitor arrivals, and
from which source markets.

The top five origin-destination growth performances (%) for fourth quarter 2005
compared to fourth quarter 2004, (where passenger traffic was 25,000 or more) were:-

1. China (PRC) to the Philippines (+ 245.5%)
2. India to Pakistan (+ 227.0%)
3. UAE to Malaysia (+ 219.4%)
4. Middle East & Africa to Cambodia (+ 170.9%)
5. Middle East to the USA (+ 110.9%)

In purely volume terms, the top five origin-destination pairs with the greatest
numeric gains compared to fourth quarter 2004 were:-


1. Hong Kong SAR to China (PRC) (+ 812,904)
2. Mexico to the USA (+ 311,139)
3. Macau SAR to China (PRC) (+ 279,355)
4. China (PRC) to Macau SAR (+ 251,628)
5. Hong Kong SAR to Macau SAR (+ 163,177)

Not surprisingly, each pair shares a common border.

Of the top five best performing origin-destination pairs by percentage growth for
full-year 2005, Cambodia enjoyed being on the receiving end of the top three:-

1. Middle East & Africa to Cambodia (+ 184.4%)
2. Other Americas (excluding Canada and the US) to Cambodia (+ 143.4%) 3. Korea
(ROK) to Cambodia (+ 119.0%) 4. South Africa to Sri Lanka (+ 113.9%) 5. China (PRC)
to Northern Marianas (+ 110.9%)

PATA’s Fourth Quarter 2005 Quarterly Statistical Report, which was
released June 5, can be purchased at PATA members are
eligible for discounts.

Each report includes visitor arrivals by country of origin, outbound travel data for
selected PATA-member destinations, percentage changes over the same quarter of the
previous year and an update of four years? worth of monthly arrivals and departures