SynXis drives customer distribution

SynXis is adding new revenue management services that offer expertise to assist SynXis customers in driving distribution and maximizing revenue.

SynXis Distribution Managers regularly offer distribution advice to their customers to help them utilize the RedX? Distribution Management System to its fullest potential. SynXis is now offering additional optional services to customers who would like more assistance in fully leveraging SynXis’ extensive distribution network. The new services range from brief focused projects to broader long term engagements. SynXis’ team of highly experienced professionals can do the following: advise hotels on how to effectively use ecommerce programs, analyze a hotel’s distribution strategies and channel management processes, and perform all revenue management functions for a hotel - eliminating the need for the hotel to hire its own Director of Revenue Management.

“This enhanced Revenue Management Service addresses the needs of many of our customers who want to better understand and fully implement a revenue management strategy using all SynXis-connected distribution channels,” commented Scott Brodows, Chief Operating Officer for SynXis. “This service is a great complement to our existing products and services that already help our hotels optimize their electronic distribution.”

Laura Brouk, Vice President of Business Development for SynXis, leads the Revenue Management team and brings with her many years of hospitality industry expertise. Laura was most recently the Vice President of Revenue Management at Wyndham International.

“SynXis works closely with our hotel customers on all aspects of distribution and we understand where the opportunities exist to maximize revenue,” commented Laura. “Our new programs can offer customers a competitive advantage by filling in the gaps in their experience with distribution opportunities and revenue management practices.”
SynXis Announces New Enhanced Revenue Management Services
Furthers customer ability to drive distribution via the RedX System