Singapore Air orders 20 Boeing 787s

Singapore Airlines has signed a Letter of Intent to purchase 20 Boeing 787-9s, with purchase rights for another 20 of the same aircraft. At current manufacturer catalogue prices, the value of the 20 firm aircraft is US$ 4.52 billion.

Deliveries will be scheduled between early 2011 and mid 2013, and will be for fleet renewal as well as to cater for growth.

The decision to purchase the 787-9 is the culmination of an extensive evaluation of the performance characteristics and operating economics promised for the different versions of Boeing’s new 787 aircraft.

The -9 is the newest version on offer, and has the largest cabin and longest range.

In a standard three-class configuration, it can carry between 250 and 290 passengers.


It also has space for about 20 tonnes of cargo, and will have a range of 8,600 to 8,800 nautical miles (15,900 to 16,300 kilometres).

Singapore Airlines plans to deploy the aircraft on routes to North Asia, the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East.

Apart from its extensive use of composites and advanced technology, which will enhance operating efficiency, the 787 will enable Singapore Airlines to further its commitment to innovation and improvement in providing service, comfort and entertainment to customers.

The engines to power the aircraft will be selected at a later date.

Singapore Airlines will be able to fund the acquisitions by cash flow generated from airline operations.