Airbus and SITA reveal software solution

Airbus and SITA have unveiled a new
service which provides an innovative and highly secure way for suppliers and
airlines to issue and load software (and more generally any dataset) onto A380
aircraft, ensuring data integrity and the identity authentication of the supplier.As aircraft become more and more “computerised” there is a need to ensure
software traceability levels, bringing them up to par with equivalent tracking
systems for hardware. With over 40 function (hardware/software) suppliers in the
Airbus supply chain and 1,400 individual software programs on the A380, there is a
definite need for a solution meeting these requirements. The SITA solution provides
these assurance levels and more.

“This agreement is paving the way for Airbus and SITA to provide new security
standards to the aviation community,” said Damiano Sabatino, Vice President,
Southern and Eastern Europe at SITA SC. “It is the result of a close cooperation
and a common approach between the two companies.” Airbus and SITA have been
working together for more than two years to develop this solution in compliance with
Industry Standards ATA-DSWG and iSpec 2000.


Leveraging its security expertise, SITA will provide and manage the certification
process while acting as registration authority for users. This includes the secure
delivery of certificates, training, and provisioning of required support. Once a
supplier has been processed they will receive digital certificates, allowing them to
participate in the secured supply chain for onboard software.



“SITA’s Digital Certification Service guarantees 24x7 end-to-end monitoring,”
said Rene Azoulai, Senior Vice President of Business Development Relationship
Management and New Ventures at SITA SC. “We are fully confident this new solution
will bring Airbus partners and customers the level of security required in the
aerospace environment. We will continue to build on our close and long-standing
partnership with Airbus, over the life of the A380 project and beyond.”


SITA’s digital certificate service is based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI),
follows strict and audited procedures (based on industry norms) and was made
available to suppliers a few weeks ago, in accordance with A380 programme
requirements. Worldwide product support to both airlines and function suppliers will
be ensured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with Airbus acting as single entry point.