UberGuides come to Canada television

Peace Arch Entertainment Group Inc has received an order to produce an initial five hours of programming to launch its television franchise, “UberGuide Television,” for CTV Travel Channel in Canada. Under the terms of a new production and distribution deal Peace Arch signed with CTV, Peace Arch will produce several installments of UberGuide. The programs will follow a “top ten” countdown format, with episodes including “Ten Sexiest Beaches,” “Ten Top Male Fantasies,” and “World’s Ten Most Expensive Menu Items.”

Worldwide distribution will be handled exclusively by Peace Arch Television, a division of Peace Arch Entertainment. The shows will all be delivered to CTV Travel Channel in August 2006. CTV Travel Channel has announced plans to broadcast the UberGuide specials during the 2006-2007 season.

“UberGuide” is the kind of intriguing, exciting and broadly appealing television show every producer dreams of making,” said Blair Reekie, President of Peace Arch’s television subsidiary The Eyes Project Development Corporation, which is producing the series. “We travel the globe searching for the most unusual, most expensive and most exclusive secrets that the world has to offer. As demand for reality and non-fiction television programming has grown, Peace Arch has expanded its production expertise and output in a strategic effort to capitalize on this worldwide television marketplace.”

The Peace Arch television division produces miniseries, movies of the week, lifestyle programming and documentaries.