Gatwick Express wins customer service poll

Passenger Focus, the independent national rail consumer watchdog, has surveyed 50,000 rail users about UK train operating companies and Gatwick Express has been rated the top rail service.

This is for the sixth consecutive period, the Gatwick Express has also achieved the highest ever recorded score in the survey’s history

The independent national passenger survey (NPS) provides a picture of customers’ satisfaction with rail travel across the UK.

Customer opinions of train services are collected twice a year from a representative sample of passenger journeys.

Passengers’ overall satisfaction and satisfaction with 31 specific aspects of service are compared.


Andrew Conroy, Head of Customer Service at Gatwick Express explains “Gatwick Express has evolved a customer service ethos which has become the essence of our company. Everything we do we do to make our customers’ journeys better.

In our business we have a world class relationship with our employees and it is through the staff at Gatwick Express that such outstanding customer service is delivered. We recruit, train and develop our teams with programmes which use customer service as our primary goal”

Gatwick Express scored 94% on the overall customer satisfaction - a figure higher than any previous NPS satisfaction score - and an improvement on Gatwick Express by 1%.

Conroy adds, “It is now an old-fashioned and out-of-date cliché to laugh at this country’s rail network - the standards we set at Gatwick Express, and those against which we are independently measured, are as high as anywhere in the world. Our performance demonstrates how Gatwick Express is the success story of the UK rail industry but also shows a triumph for UK customer service”