Visa teams up with biometric firm

Visa has signed a deal that will allow its customers—frequent travellers—faster movement through airport security. The agreement with Verified Identity Pass, Inc. (“Verified ID”) will offer discounted memberships for Clear(TM), Verified ID’s Registered Traveler Program, to select Visa Signature and Visa Traditional Rewards cardholders.

Clear members receive fast access through security checkpoints by verifying their biometric information in specially-designed Clear lines, enabling time-pressed travelers to quickly move through long lines and experience a more hassle-free travel experience. Members participate in a simple online enrollment process and provide identification and biometric data, such as fingerprints and iris images at Clear kiosks in participating airports. Following application approval, members receive a Clear card to access Clear lines in participating U.S. airports.

As part of the agreement, the discounted membership rate will be offered to select Visa Signature and Visa Traditional Rewards cardholders in designated states through the Visa Incentive Network (VIN), a platform which allows Visa, acting on behalf of its member financial institutions, to provide interested cardholders with exclusive discounts and promotions from key merchant partners. The VIN will identify offer candidates from those cardholders who travel frequently to and from airports participating in the Verified ID program; Visa will mail the discount redemption offer directly to qualified cardholders.

Visa Signature is Visa’s fast-growing, premium credit product designed to appeal to time-stretched, affluent customers, those with household incomes of $125,000 and higher. Visa Traditional Rewards is a mid-level rewards credit platform which enables Visa issuers to create better targeted, more compelling rewards-based credit offers for loyalty-driven consumers.

“Visa is constantly exploring innovative ways to bring the greatest value to cardholders and offer targeted benefits relevant to their individual lifestyles, interests and tastes,” said Jim McCarthy, Senior Vice President, Visa USA. “With the Visa Incentive Network, our member financial institutions can accurately and effectively extend offers to those cardholders most likely to value a frequent traveler program, such as Clear, which in turn helps our merchant partners cdevelop stronger relationships with customers and increase sales.”


“In today’s 24/7 world, Americans are looking to streamline all aspects of their lives—from a quicker trip through airport security to a more efficient way to make purchases. Our strategic partnership with Visa will help us stay competitive by reaching these time-stretched consumers more directly with a service that can make their lives easier,” said Verified ID’s Fred Fischer, Senior Vice President, Sales.