Beijing hotel prices may rise 50% for Olympics

Hotels affiliated with the Beijing Olympics will be allowed to raise their room prices by around 50 percent during the Games, under guidelines published in the state press Tuesday. The 112 hotels that have signed contracts with the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG) will be able to charge between 1.4 and 1.6 more than their normal rates during the Games, according to the guidelines.

Tourists can expect to pay 353 dollars for a standard room at a five-star hotel during the Games, according to the pricing schedule that was published in Beijing’s The First newspaper.

A standard room at a four-star hotel will costs 272 dollars while a standard room at a three-star hotel will cost 176 dollars.

Xiang Ping, an official with BOCOG’s sports services department, was quoted as saying the price rise was lower than the rate hikes seen at the Athens Olympics and this year’s winter Games in Turin, without giving details.

The 112 hotels that have signed the promotional contracts with BOCOG will start taking bookings from early next year, according to the paper.