Mexico airport gets passenger boost

Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico, S.A. de C.V. has announced higher terminal passenger traffic figures for the month of May 2006During the month of May 2006, terminal passenger traffic increased 4.4% compared to May 2005, driven by international passenger traffic, which grew 12.2%, while domestic passenger traffic remained nearly flat.

As compared to May 2005, domestic traffic in May 2006 decreased by 0.2%, or 2 thousand terminal passengers due to declines in 9 of the 12 airports. These were offset by increases of 46.1% in Los Cabos, 9.7% in Puerto Vallarta and 8.3% in Guadalajara (with a total increase of 44 thousand passengers at these airports). The increase in Guadalajara was driven by an increase in traffic among the low cost carriers (Interjet, Volaris, Click and Avolar), while in Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta, the increase reflects the popularity of these tourist destinations.

The decrease in the number of domestic terminal passengers was mainly the result of declines of 9.2 thousand passengers in La Paz, 9.3 thousand passengers in Hermosillo, 6.6 thousand passengers in Bajio, 5.5 thousand passengers in Los Mochis, 5.4 thousand passengers in Morelia, 5.2 thousand passengers in Tijuana and 4.6 thousand in Mexicali (for a total decline of 46.2 thousand domestic passengers, including Manzanillo and Aguascalientes compared to May of 2005). In the case of La Paz, Tijuana, Los Mochis, Bajio and Hermosillo this was mainly due to the cancellation of routes that were operated by Aerocalifornia.

It is anticipated that some of the routes, including Guadalajara-La Paz, Tijuana-Los Mochis, Guadalajara-Los Mochis and Bajio-Tijuana will resume as a result of the service offered by various other airlines beginning in June 2006.

In terms of international passenger traffic, the most significant increase occurred in the Los Cabos airport (25.2 thousand passengers, representing a 15.2% increase compared to the previous year), Puerto Vallarta (22 thousand passengers, representing a 15.5% increase compared to the previous year) and Guadalajara (20.7 thousand passengers, representing an increase of 12.1%, compared to the previous year). The growth in Guadalajara was a result of the increase in the routes to and from Los Angeles, California, while in Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos the traffic was in line with the growth driven mainly by U.S. and Canadian tourists.


The decline in international passenger traffic in the airports of La Paz, Hermosillo and Manzanillo was a result of the cancellation in the La Paz-Los Angeles, Hermosillo-Los Angeles and Manzanillo-Los Angeles routes, which were operated by Aerocalifornia, the first of which was an exclusive route of this carrier.