invests in Prophet

speed-trap Ltd has announced that, the
internet based insurance provider, has implemented Prophet, speed-trap’s
e-Business Solution on their website.Commenting on selecting Prophet for use on their site Steve Hardy, Finance
Director at said: “We offer a fast and simple solution to
people looking for competitive car and travel insurance over the internet,
so it is imperative that our website is intuitive and totally user
friendly. Therefore, to help us to maintain our website to the highest
possible standard we have applied speed-trap’s e-business solution to our

Prophet will provide comprehensive pan website e-business management
information giving us accurate website traffic data, including transaction
monitoring and allowing us to see things such as home-page click maps on a
weekly, or other, time period basis as required. This means that, together
with our in house management information processes, we will have all the
information we need as, when, and how we want it, resulting in the most
efficient and accurate management of our online business.”

The insurance sector, especially travel and car insurance, is a close
cousin to the retail sector from the end consumer perspective. A survey by
retail analyst Verdict shows that high street spending grew by 1.5% in 2005
compared with 28.9% for internet shopping. In 2005 online retailers
accounted for almost half the cash growth in retail spending, with sales
increasing fifteen times faster than the retail average. The Verdict
research predicts that online sales growth will continue, driven by further
uptake of high-speed broadband.

Malcolm Duckett, speed-trap’s VP of marketing and operations said of the
deal: “As research such as that recently conducted by Verdict Consulting
shows, last year online spending surged ahead by 28.9%, - over 15 times the
pace of all retail.  Therefore, with being a purely online
provider of insurance products, their website must be really intuitive to
use and as visitor friendly as possible in order to give visitors a
positive online experience”.

Elaborating Duckett continued: “Via speed-trap’s Dynamic Collection’
technology, Prophet is uniquely able to record every aspect of every
on-line visitor’s experience and actions in a secure and privacy-conscious
way. This allows our customers to move beyond traditional ‘Web Analytics’
and understand the quality of service and experience they are delivering to
their customers. This insight can then drive information-led
decision-making that translates into bottom-line improvements to their


In conclusion Duckett said: “Managing any on-line business demands instant
access to reliable e-business management information. Prophet’s ability to
provide this - integrated with real answers on Customer Experience and User
Journeys, will help in its aim to rapidly become a leading
insurance provider in this burgeoning market sector”,