Greek holidays online travel mag launches

A friendly, online travel and culture magazine featuring information and services that interest the traveller intending to visit Greece is launching. The website serves as a global community connecting travellers around the world who want to visit or talk about Greece. The magazine allows travellers to share their experiences, meet other travellers, read the online travel magazine, and contribute to online travel forums. Moreover, it provides rewards to its users, as well as customized holidays schedules.

Igogreece electronic magazine has two goals. Firstly, to inform the user- potential traveller about all the activities taking place in Greece. Secondly, to assist him to make the most of his holidays, according to the time and money available to him, through innovative services, so that he may maximize the satisfaction from his journey. offers convenient and valid information from its editing team. It consists of a group of highly reputable specialists who enjoy recognition amongst the most known world wide tourist information resources.  Moreover, its authors originate from various countries, providing an objective and filtered image about Greece. Editorial freedom is always maintained in this site.