, RightNow ink deal is partnering with RightNow in a bid to support its business growth. The deployment of RightNow Service will ensure the flights website can respond quickly and accurately to the already increasing volume of queries it receives, ensuring that each customer experience is a positive one. chose RightNow having seen the benefits that the on-demand service application provides to sister operation, Key to RightNow’s selection was its ability to tailor the offering, and scale it to match business growth and busy travel times of the year.

“We are a relatively new business, 18 months old, in a competitive market. As part of a hugely successful brand we cannot afford to provide anything less than a superb customer experience, which is why we chose RightNow.” said Tony Milsom, Director, “RightNow Service not only allows us to offer an excellent customer experience today but also offers us the necessary flexibility for the future as a fast growing and successful business.”

Central to providing exceptional service is RightNow’s Intuitive Knowledge Foundation, RightNow’s patented, self-learning knowledge base that enables all customer information to be easily accessed. RightNow is currently working closely with in order to ensure that the Knowledge Foundation is fully populated with answers to all customer questions and that help links are positioned correctly on each of the web pages. The positioning and ability for the customer to answer questions on the site will help customers to continue with their transaction, encouraging customers to go from ‘looking to booking.’

In the future, plans to pilot RightNow Voice, a voice recognition facility that allows customers to self-serve via the telephone by accessing the knowledge base.


“RightNow enables companies to differentiate against their competitors by providing a superior customer experience with every interaction,” Wayne Foncette, RightNow’s VP of UK and Ireland, said. “We provide them with the tools to empower their agents, to have knowledge when the customer needs it, at the point of action, and to provide outstanding customer experience helping customers like to win on service.”