Aviation expert hosts online radio talk show

A new, dynamic and thought provoking radio show offering informative insight on travel, airlines, airports, and anything in between, “Jack Keady’s All Things Aviation” is debuting on the VoiceAmerica Channel .

Hosted by Jack Keady, an aviation professional with over thirty five years experience, the weekly show provides an eclectic insiders look into the airline and aviation business.

What’s wrong with the airlines today? Why are they all in bankruptcy? What exactly is airline deregulation? Exactly how does luggage get lost? Why can’t they do something to improve the security screening process? What airline stocks should you buy? Find out on “Jack Keady’s All Things Aviation”.

From how to get through airport security quicker, the future of the airline industry, what airline hubs to connect at, problems facing private pilots, what airline stocks to invest in, how to kill time at an airport, the effect of oil prices on airfares, how to get a good seat, web sites for getting the lowest airfares, airline safety, and knowing your travel rights; Jack Keady covers it all.

The show launched June 5th with featured guest, Lamar Muse, Southwest Airlines founding president and CEO (1970-78).  Arriving at Southwest Airlines when it had just $148 dollars in the bank, Lamar Muse has served as its president and founded many of Southwest’s concepts which survive to this day.  Find out what starting up the world’s most successful airline was really like.  Lamar Muse has authored “Southwest Passage: The Inside Story of Southwest Airlines’ Formative Years”.


“Jack Keady’s All Things Aviation” airs every Monday at 8am PST with rebroadcast at 8pm PST on the VoiceAmerica Channel. To call in live during the show, dial toll free 1-866-472-5788. Past shows will be available On Demand and podcast download.