UK launches first British Tourism Week

The UK’s tourism industry has announced the creation of its first British Tourism Week from 12 to 18 March 2007. The week of inter-related events will raise national and international awareness of the size, value and importance of Britain’s £74 billion visitor economy.

Organisers expect British Tourism Week to highlight the contribution made by businesses from every part of the UK’s tourism industry, large and small, public and commercial in maximising future opportunities such as the Olympic Games. It will galvanise the commitment of organisations and individuals to further improve and develop the industry.

Tom Wright, VisitBritain chief executive, said: “If Britain is to continue to rival its competitors around the world and be ready to welcome the world in the build up to 2012 and beyond, we must work together to lay the foundations that will help ensure the future growth and prosperity of our visitor economy. British Tourism Week will, by bringing together businesses and their employees from every sector, help redefine both the image and the reality of British tourism in the important years ahead.”

Unveiled at UKinbound’s Parliamentary Reception this evening (6 June 2006), British Tourism Week is organised by VisitBritain and UKinbound, working with Reed Travel Exhibitions and with the support of the Tourism Alliance and the Tourism Society.

Speaking at the Parliamentary Reception, UKinbound chief executive Stephen Dowd said: “Tourism’s importance to the UK’s economy is often unappreciated, despite continued growth and record numbers of visitors. Our industry suffers when we fail to recognise that every business contributes to a greater whole. Together, during British Tourism Week, we hope to change the perception that the different sectors - from transport and tour operators to accommodation providers, travel agencies and attractions - operate independently.”
The week of major events will focus on two national events: VisitBritain’s British Travel Trade Fair (13-14 March 2007) and UKinbound’s 30th Anniversary Convention (14-15 March 2007). Both will be held in Birmingham and will be the centrepiece for other national, regional and local events.