One family run Continental flight

A Continental Airlines flight this week is being crewed by Captain Dewey Lockwood and four of his relatives—all members of the Continental family.The Lockwood clan is crewing Flight 1683, a Boeing 737, from Houston to El Paso, on Thursday, June 8. They are also scheduled to fly together on Flight 1515, the return trip from El Paso to Houston that day.

Together, the family members possess about 75 years of service at Continental.

“I’ve flown together with my wife or my son before, but this is the first time that my relatives have made up the entire crew for a flight,” said Captain Dewey Lockwood, Jr. “This may be the first time in airline history that a single family group has crewed all the pilot and flight attendant positions on a flight.”

The family flight is also a special occasion for Captain Lockwood because he is preparing to retire this summer under the age-60 retirement rule for pilots. As Father’s Day approaches, Captain Lockwood expresses a lot of pride in his family’s aviation accomplishments.

“This has been the best company to work for,” Captain Lockwood added. “Years ago people said joining another airline would be a good idea. But my son was smart enough not to go that route. I’m proud that we’ve all succeeded here at Continental.”