Innovata launches free flight planner

Innovata is bringing innovation to the EyeForTravel Distribution Conference in London with the launch of its affiliate QuickTrip TimeTable service and its new dynamic mapping functionality.
The Atlanta-based multi-media company, which has formed partnerships with over 900 airlines who provide over 99% of flights worldwide, is providing a free timetable planning service on the internet.

Powered by Innovata’s SRS Flight Database, the global flight planner displays both direct and connecting flights of its airline partners, which include over 100 low cost carriers and airline alliances.

Richard Thorne, Managing Director, Europe told BTN: “Our affiliate syndication programme provides free access to the flight planner for any travel relater website and offers our Affiliate Partners the opportunity to share advertising revenues generated from web traffic using the Quicktrip tunetable”

Innovata are also showcasing their latest Dynamic Mapping product at the EyeForTravel conference, which integrates airline route networks and airline timetables onto a scalable map on partner websites using flash technology.

This product has already gone live on the websites of Dublin Airport, Cork Airport and the Portuguese Airport Authorities.
Commenting on regional activity over the next few months, Thorne revealed: “We have a big presence in the US and in Europe and have been successful in the Middle East. We are now doing well in Asia”. He added: “We have yet to build our presence in Latin America and in South Africa, but no market is out of bounds”


Thorne’s goals over the next few months are to continue increasing marketshare for services, to gain awareness and credibility, and to push the QuickTrip timetable. He sees the main challenge as finding ways to create awareness for a small company.

Innovata has over 50 years experience in collecting, processing and distributing travel data and services, initially as Dittler Brothers, a specialty print company, and since 1998 as a separate, independent company under the Innovata name.