Trisept targets home-based agents

Trisept Solutions is integrating VAX VacationAccess‰ with ClientEase a Web-based CRM (customer relationship management) database for home-based travel agents.

ClientEase allows agents to easily organize client information, including customers’ travel histories and marketing preferences, from any Internet connection.  Agents can also perform marketing activities, commission tracking, basic accounting functions, and more.

“Home-based agents represent a large segment of the travel agency community,” said John Ische, president and CEO of Trisept Solutions.  “Their needs are different than traditional, storefront agencies and they need technology tools that are designed specifically to meet those needs.  We’re pleased to integrate VAX VacationAccess with ClientEase.  It allows us to provide even greater power and flexibility to our home-based users.”

According to recent surveys, focus groups and feedback sessions conducted by Trisept Solutions, home-based agents prefer more intuitive displays, point-and-click data entry and seamless integration of technology tools that allow agents to use a single login and password to access multiple platforms.  Integration of ClientEase and VAX VacationAccess meet each of these unique needs.