Website targets migrating community was is launcheding to satisfy the growing worldwide community of skilled professional workers and families looking to begin a new life in a different country. The aim of the new site is to function as the first, one-stop-shop for the thousands of people seeking guidance and expertise ranging from the visa application process to organising money transfers, making removal arrangements and even finding the best pet carrier service. creator Neil Holmes said “Having been through the process of emigrating from the UK to Australia myself I experienced first hand the frustration and confusion of trying to move from one country to another. Many of the web sites I came across at the time lacked the breadth of content needed to satisfy all my requirements. My idea was simple; to collate the experience of others and build a web portal that could supply real-time immigration tools for its visitors and provide quick and easy access to the professionals, processes and information that all people dreaming of emigrating will need”.

In addition to regular news and articles, visa eligibility requirements and everything else you need to know about getting an entry Visa, also provides access to qualified experts. These range from specialist consultants to experienced individuals who can provide up-to-date advice on which visa best suits your circumstances along with which skills are most in demand including any government sponsored programmes.

The discussion forums and timeline journals at are also central to the success of the site; offering visitors the chance to put all their questions and queries forward and seek answers to their concerns through group interaction and achieve total piece of mind.

Up and running as a Beta site since the beginning of the year and initially focussed on assisting people moving to four of the most popular destinations; Australia, Canada, UK and the United States, has already been attracting over 25,000 unique visitors per month. However, with new content and services being continually added, the company aims to triple that figure this year, aiming for a ten-fold increase by 2008.