FareCompare launches trend data

FareCompare released today its FareTrend suite of tools, promising to save consumers hours of time searching for the best fare by showing how fares have changed over time and the direction prices are heading in their market. ( http://www.farecompare.com/search/year ) Until now, consumers have been largely in the dark on pricing trends in their markets.

FareTrend provides 20 months of historical airfare information for the first time, allowing anyone wanting to buy a ticket to compare the fare they see with recent fares on the same route. By providing context to current pricing levels, consumers can see how much prices are changing on the routes that they’re interested in, helping them to make a more informed decision.

FareCompare also introduced today a rating system for fares which indicates whether the current fare is low or high. A four-star ranking represents a very good price in comparison with fares for the past 20 months. A one-star ranking means the fare is at or near the highest levels.

“FareTrend really tips the scale in favor of the consumer,” commented Rick Seaney, CEO. “Now, consumers can research airfare history in up to 77,000 markets in the US and Canada. Fares can be easily sorted by market, carrier, and advance purchase.”

Download FareCompare’s complete guide to searching for the best airfare and understanding pricing at: http://www.farecompare.com/downloads/faretrend.pdf