Finnair unveils Nagoya route

Finnair is to begin direct scheduled passenger flights from Helsinki to Nagoya, Japan on Saturday 3 June. Nagoya is Finnair’s third route destination in Japan and its ninth in Asia. Finnair will fly to Nagoya’s new international airport, which opened in March 2005.

“The opening of the Nagoya route is a natural continuation of our Asian strategy. Timetables have been structured to harmonise with our European flights, so that the route has good connections to Finnair’s network of around thirty cities in Europe,” said Finnair’s COO Henrik Arle.

As of this summer Finnair will offer five weekly flights to Osaka, two to Tokyo and three to Nagoya.

Nagoya is the main city of the dynamic economic region of Chubu, which has the combined purchasing power of nearly 20 million people within its service area. Nagoya is also well known for being the headquarters of Toyota and the new route will serve European business travel and cargo traffic directed towards the automotive and electronics manufacturing cluster, which has grown up around the car manufacturer. The Nagoya area is Japan’s third largest concentration of economic activity after Tokyo and Osaka.

The airport, known by the name Nagoya Chubu Centrair Airport, has been built on a new man-made island close to the centre of Nagoya. It is Japan’s most modern international airport and, in contrast with other airports, offers fast connecting flights from the same terminal to more than 20 cities in different parts of Japan and several international destinations especially in Australia and Oceania.


Among the sights in the dynamic and friendly city of Nagoya is a 17th century Shogun castle. Nagoya is also famous for Japanese ceramics, to which the Noritake Garden, built on the site of a former ceramics factory, provides a good introduction. Outside the city lies the Aichi Expo 2005 World Exposition as well as numerous rural onsen spas, the best of which are to be found in old mountain villages within a magnificent landscape. The Shima area itself is renowned for its beautiful coastline and many picturesque fishing villages.