Rezidor SAS unveils eLearning initiative

Rezidor SAS Hospitality, the Brussels-based multi-brand hospitality company is launching of a new eLearning program for training employees.  The program was implemented to strengthen the company’s enduring commitment to provide employees with the best training techniques available.

The company launched eLearning by developing and introducing its first module: Basic Revenue Management Principles. The eLearning module complements the company’s existing employee training programs, including face-to-face training delivered both at the hotel level and in the regional and international management schools. The eLearning program offers an alternative method of training that has been customized to meet the needs of the company as well as the employees, and is offered through the Rezidor SAS Intranet portal.

Advantages of the eLearning program include the fact that employees have access to the program at any time, from work or from home; employees can complete the course at their own pace; the module gives employees the flexibility to review the content frequently; and the program is a cost-effective way to train a large number of employees dispersed over 49 countries.

“We are a firm believer in promoting from within, and giving current employees career growth opportunities before looking for talent outside of the company. We are one of the few companies in the world with such a high rate of employee retention, promotion and development, and a large number of employees have worked with us for over 10 years,” said Kurt Ritter, president & CEO of Rezidor SAS Hospitality, who himself has been with the company since 1976 - nearly 30 years.

Prior to launching the new module company-wide, a pilot test took place and over 30 employees were selected across all brands and all regions of Rezidor SAS to give feedback on the process and effectiveness of the online training module. The test pilots found the content to be relevant, the exercises to be interactive, targeted and easy to use, the ongoing course feedback motivational, and the learning process a seamless and hassle-free form of learning.


In addition to the online module, Rezidor SAS organizes in-house management sessions four times a year to provide employees with a unique platform to attend training programs and seminars to further their knowledge and skills, and strive to achieve their career ambitions.

“One of our goals is to be an employer of choice. To maintain that standard, we have to provide our employees with techniques, tools and training at a regular basis to keep up with the competition, and also to satisfy their personal career goals. The launch of eLearning modules will help us better target those needs and train the maximum number of employees at the same time,” comments Beathe-Jeanette Lunde, vice president of people and operational development for Rezidor SAS Hospitality.