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European Internet mapping provider, Mapsolute is adding a new range of applications to its portal in the UK, including City Maps, aerial images and new colours that reflect the traditional blue motorways and green A-roads of the UK’s highways.
As the most popular mapping portal in Germany and other parts of Europe, is already leading the way with advanced mapping solutions.  Mapsolute’s technology enables highly interactive ‘Vector-Mapping’ with very fast animated panning and zooming speed on any device.  Whereas with some online mapping portals the zoom in/out feature is one-dimensional and cumbersome to navigate from one place to the next, pans in and out in 3-D as if you were viewing the ground from a fast moving plane or helicopter, gliding to and from points on the map within seconds.

Commenting, UK Managing Director of Mapsolute, Chris Wallett, said: “Our aim is to offer users an extremely useful and exciting experience of online mapping, with new ideas and solutions being delivered all the time.  With City Maps, for example, our users can zoom right into cities such as London and Birmingham and view building outlines as well as streets and other landmarks.  This gives them a closer-to-real-life perspective of the geographic lay of the land helping them to navigate their way more effectively.”

With aerial imaging, users can view close-up pictures of the land, again helping them to view real-life images rather than simply relying on road maps to get from A to B.

There is also a more user friendly Address Search.  For example, if you have an eye on living in 10 Downing Street and want to check its location, simply type in ‘10 Downing Street London’ and the map will place a dot on this dwelling.  Similarly, by typing in a postcode the location will be revealed.  “People are now used to typing search details into the Internet and getting exactly the information they want,” says Wallett.  “This should also be the case for online mapping, without the need to fill out a box for the house, the road, the city, and so on.”

Another must for UK users is road colouring.  Until now, UK roads on the portal have been shown in red for motorways and yellow for A-roads.  “This adjustment makes sense for UK users who are more used to seeing their motorway and A-roads in blue and green respectively,” comments Wallett.  “We want to ensure that national cultures are reflected in our maps as much as possible.”


Mapsolute is also introducing a fully featured public AJAX interface which enables developers to customise their maps according to their own personal or business needs.  The AJAX interface enables developers - both business and private - to add just about any imaginable image to the maps (icons, pictures, boxes, ovals), search for addresses or route between locations (route planning). One of the most useful features is the HTMLInfo box - a pop box which can be tied to a location. The box can contain text, images or links to other web sites - content can even come from another web site!  All these unique features are also available on Mapsolute’s business locator and route planner products - Business Map Easy, Business Map and Portal Map.

Mapsolute is adding to the portal all the time with further aerial images of the UK due over the coming weeks.