Mexicana de Aviacion receives fly quiet award

During the YVR Chief Pilots Meeting 2006, which took place on May 3rd in Vancouver, Canada, Mexicana de Aviacion received the Fly Quiet Award in the narrow-bodied aircraft category, for having the lowest average take-off noise levels, according to the Vancouver Airport Noise Monitoring and Flight Tracking System, as well as complying with all established noise-abatement requirements. At the meeting, the Vancouver International Airport Authority presented its Aeronautical Noise Management Report, which provides follow-up on its civic responsibility plans and activities.

The Vancouver International Airport is among the most modern and efficient in the world. One of the Authority’s fundamental challenges is balancing competing community demands for frequent, convenient air travel with community demands for a high quality of life. Mexicana was given the Fly Quiet Award due to its compliance with the Authority’s environmental excellence requirements in regard to low noise levels on take-offs and landings.

Mexicana operates 9 weekly flights to the Vancouver International Airport, using Airbus A-319 aircrafts with a 120-passenger capacity, 12 in Business Class and 108 in Coach, as well as A-318’s, with 100-passenger capacity, 12 in Business Class and 88 in Coach.

Mexicana currently operates a fleet of 60 modern aircraft that incorporate the latest technology: 28 Airbus A-320’s, 16 Airbus A319’s, 10 Airbus A318’s, 5 Boeing 727-200’s and one Boeing 767. The average age of the entire fleet is 6.3 years, and the aircrafts are serviced at the first and best Maintenance Base in Latin America, certified according to Mexican (NOM), U.S. (FAR) and European (JAR) regulations.

Having one of the most modern fleets in the world has allowed Mexicana to maintain one of the highest punctuality levels in the industry, with a 90% reliability rating. It has also enabled the airline to obtain an average aircraft utilization of 12:07 hours daily.


Mexicana’s Maintenance Base includes two hangars, fitted with the most sophisticated tools and equipment in the industry, where all aircraft maintenance services can be carried out with a high level of quality and excellence.

The Fly Quiet Award undoubtedly contributes to Mexicana’s image as the most modern, innovative, responsible and safe airline in Mexico. Because of this, and so much more, Mexicana will always be the first.