Hotel rating web site launches

Hotel Evaluations is launching it’s new Hotel Rating Web Site, The Web Site is based on Hotel Evaluations Praise® (Performance Rating Assessment & In-depth Service Evaluation) Rating System and is the first of it’s kind in Australia to include and measure customer service and the performance of hotel staff, in rating and appraising hotels.

Hotels are given an Overall Praise Rating of Excellent, Very Good, Good, Satisfactory or Poor, as well as separate ratings for Facilities & Inclusions, Customer Service, Room Satisfaction, Food & Beverage and Security & Safety. Up to 27 individual areas are also rated by Hotel Evaluations appraisers, who check in as private guests and stay for a minimum of two nights and three days, in order to complete a Praise® Rating Assessment.

The new Web Site is a combination of free to view and paid subscriber sections and introduces some exciting and innovative new concepts such as Praise® Value for Money Index (VMI) and Praise® Concierge.

The Web Site’s content features unique Praise® Photo Galleries which contain thousands of authentic, extra large, high resolution, digital images taken independently by Hotel Evaluations appraisers, during their hotel stays. There are four galleries for each hotel: Hotel & Facilities, Room, Views & Vistas and Food & Beverage.

Praise® is an evolutionary step forward in the provision of exceptional web site content, that can greatly assist the travelling public when researching, selecting and booking their hotel accommodation.