Jetstar Asia ties in Valuair connections

Singapore’s Changi International Airport will be the centerpiece in Jetstar Asia’s and Valuair’s strategy to offer seamless connections for travel within Asia.With a number of route arrivals and departures now synchronized, passengers will be able to transit through Singapore and enjoy a 2-stage flight journey on one single ticket. This transit will occur seamlessly, with passengers not being required to claim their baggage, similar to that of a full-service carrier.

Passengers will be able to book point-to-point destinations on the Airline’s multi-destination network through a call centre or at the Jetstar Asia website at

“We now have a critical mass of routes, which allows us to provide seamless transfers for a passenger from one point in our network to another, while also providing a great value deal on the fare,” said Ms Chong Phit Lian, CEO of Jetstar Asia and Valuair.

“Combine that with transiting in the world’s best airport, with all Changi International Airport’s full-service comforts and conveniences, we have a great proposition for people traveling in the region,” she said.