Virgin America leverages Jeppesen tech

Virgin America are finalising an agreement to implement Jeppesen’s EFB applications, data, and software management infrastructure. Virgin America’s Class 2 EFBs will be the first ever installation and certification on the A320 family.

“Jeppesen’s EFB applications are consistent with Virgin America’s effort to create a low-cost business model that will leverage technology to enhance productivity and customer service,” said Joe Houghton, Virgin America’s Chief Pilot. “EFB technology replaces costly, antiquated manual revision and distribution processes with accurate, up-to-the-minute solutions.”

Jeppesen currently has its EFB applications certified and in revenue service on many other aircraft types, including the 777 and 737, and Jeppesen has its EFB applications in service across all three classes of EFBs. Additional Boeing and Airbus aircraft, such as the 747-400 and A380, have Jeppesen EFB applications offered as a factory option, and Jeppesen has formed close working relationships with EFB hardware integrators to serve the needs of customers who wish to use retrofit solutions.

Jeppesen is working closely with Virgin America to bring together a successful EFB program that includes Jeppesen’s industry-standard terminal charts for EFBs, a document viewer, and the Jeppesen Data Distribution and Management system that administers a critical piece of a customer’s EFB program-software configuration management and the ability to consistently deliver flight critical data accurately, securely and on-time to the EFB.

Jeppesen is the only company with its EFB applications and support systems currently in service with airlines and military flying units around the world. Additional customers are completing contracts with Jeppesen to launch the EFB during 2006. As a result of working agreements with both Boeing and Airbus, and numerous EFB hardware providers, Jeppesen can deploy its solution across diverse fleets of new and existing aircraft, and across Class 1, 2 or 3 EFB platforms, all while maintaining EFB data and software continuity.


Jeppesen works closely with its airline and military partners to implement EFB programs at a pace that is comfortable for the operator. Only Jeppesen is able to provide the breadth and depth of services that help customers transition from paper, to less paper, to a fully digital flight deck.