Caribbean branding campaign launched

The Caribbean Tourism Organization and the
Caribbean Hotel Association along with a group of “Charter Partners” from both
the public and private sectors in the Caribbean have launched a new branding
campaign. The aim is to raise awareness of the unique vacation experiences
available to consumers, as well as the diversity of the destinations and facilities
throughout the region, all linked with one identifiable Caribbean logo.

The creation of this new branding effort began in October 2005 with the signing of a
Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation by the CTO Chairman, Hon. Pamela C.
Richards, and CHA President, Berthia Parle, followed by the formulation of plans
under the dual direction of the CTO Secretary General and the Director General of
CHA.  Those plans have resulted in the creation of a “One Caribbean” strategy for
extending the Caribbean brand.

“Essentially, inclusion of the new Caribbean brand logo in all of the promotional
and administrative material of both public and private sector members should
catapult the Caribbean region to an unprecedented level of awareness and demonstrate
a degree of cooperation and coordination that will be the envy of the tourism
world,” said Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, CTO Secretary General.

“We are confident that inclusion of the Caribbean logo will also enhance the value
of individual hotel brands by proudly declaring their affiliation with the
Caribbean,” said Alec Sanguinetti, CHA Director General and CEO.  “We’ve had a lot
of interest in this branding initiative from our members and anticipate a wide
acceptance and use throughout the Caribbean hotel industry,” he added.

The “Charter Partners”—the first who agreed to use the logo in their advertising
and collateral materials—include:


- The Islands of the Bahamas
- Puerto Rico
- St. Kitts
- U.S. Virgin Islands
- Sandals and Beaches Resorts

Those Charter Partners were presented with a memento to mark the occasion.

The Caribbean and the membership of the CTO and CHA are a diverse collection of
individual destinations, hotel chains and independent resorts. 

“Many of our members are too small to effectively market their destinations or
hotels in the worldwide arena,” said Vanderpool-Wallace, adding, “But the Caribbean
as a region is very well known around the world.  In fact, it is probably better
known globally than most of its constituent islands.  This leads us to an
inescapable conclusion and an unprecedented opportunity.  In the past we described
the Caribbean as the world’s best known, unowned brand.  Today the brand has an

CHA’s Sanguinetti added, “We will strengthen our brand by working together with the
public sector to improve our destination facilities and protect our reputation.”