Canberra-Singapore flights are viable says report

There could be sufficient outbound demand to justify up to four flights
per week between Canberra and Singapore, according to a report
commissioned by Australian Capital Tourism and the Canberra
International Airport.The Access Economics report on the viability of direct services between
Singapore and Canberra, concluded that potential demand reaches between
700 and 1200 passengers per week. The report suggests that if actual
demand meets these projections, two to four services per week may be
viable. The precise number of flights will depend upon the aircraft type
used, aircraft capacity and competitive loads.

Access Economics focused on the number of Government, business and
leisure travellers, with post code addresses in the ACT, that travelled
through the Singapore/Hong Kong corridor and could therefore take
advantage of Canberra-Singapore flights. The report recognised that the
success of direct flights was ultimately dependent upon local interest
in the service.

Australian Capital Tourism Chief Executive, Ross MacDiarmid, said “We
are currently conducting a comprehensive survey into the interest of ACT
residents in direct flights between Canberra and Singapore, and have
been overwhelmed by the positive responses to date.” Detailed findings
of the survey will be released by Australian Capital Tourism next week.

“If a service could be commercially viable on the basis of outbound
travel from Canberra, we are confident through the research and
promotional activity we have undertaken over the last twelve months that
we can increase the numbers of inbound travellers from Singapore,” Mr
MacDiarmid said.

Managing Director of Canberra International Airport, Stephen Byron, said
“Direct flights between Canberra and Singapore have the potential to
enhance the appeal of the ACT and region as a leisure destination for
the Asian market, as well as providing opportunities for business


As a result of the positive findings of both the report and the
resident’s survey, Australian Capital Tourism and Canberra International
Airport have invited a number of airlines to consider the opportunity of
operating direct flights between Canberra and Singapore.
Mr MacDiarmid and Mr Byron are confident that the proposition is highly
attractive, given Canberra’s strong demand for full economy and business
class seats.

“I have always been optimistic that we would have direct international
services ex Canberra within the next 12-18 months. However with the work
we have undertaken over the last four months towards the runway
extension and the Airport upgrade, we may be able to facilitate direct
services sooner than originally anticipated”, Mr Byron said.