Qantas to cut 1,000 jobs by year end

An internal Qantas email has informed staff that 1,000 additional management, support and administration positions will be cut by the end of the year, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. This comes as unions accuse Qantas of moving again to swap Australian jobs for cheaper offshore labour.

The airline says a rise in its annual fuel bill to $3.8 billion is a central issue for boardroom strategy discussions this week.

The assistant national secretary of the Australian Services Union, Linda White, says its members are expressing extreme concern.

“We think that this is a cloak and dagger way of moving jobs offshore,” she said.

“We have serious concerns that that is in fact what they’re going to do.


“They’re going to sack people in Australia and then move jobs offshore to cheaper places. They’ve done it before and we think that they’ll do it again.”