Austrian Air unveils new business class

Austrian Airlines introduces a new dimension in Business Class comfort. An entirely new experience to enhance relaxation in the air, stretch out and switch on the massage function.

In June 2006 Austrian Airlines unveils it’s new long haul, Business Class cabin. The service will be introduced on routes to Kuala Lumpur and Sydney in July before being rolled out across the long haul network. The entire Boeing, long haul fleet will be re-fitted by Spring 2007

It may seem that airline seating is simply purchased “off the rack” but this is far from the truth. Once a basic model is selected each element is then customised to the needs of the airline.

For Austrian our goal was to make each traveller “feel good with all your senses”. An airline seat, especially on long haul flights, has to function as so much more than just a seat. It’s an armchair, a bed space, an office, an entertainment centre and it is also personal, as well social, space. All these functions have to be considered and tailored to the optimum combination.

Our new ‘seat’ stretches out to nearly 2 meters of personal space and provides an expansive 1.5m space between seats. The angle of recline is just 8 degrees, which is considered to be the best for relaxation and sleep. To be absolutely sure the seat is equipped with a massage function which, in combination with the meditation channel and relaxing aromatic oils in the comfort kit, ensure comfort and karma. Even the unique, floor level, ambient lighting is sympathetic to the mood.


However comfortable the seat it’s unlikely anyone would sleep all the way from Europe to Australia. Other features allow you to eat, work, socialise, watch the latest movies and even place a bet.

Each seat has an inbuilt privacy screen to define total personal space when sleeping or working, this can be easily retracted at meal times when the in-flight atmosphere resembles a fine restaurant. The on-board chef prepares 6 fresh courses on each flight in addition to an extensive range of speciality meals that can be pre-ordered.

Of course, any Business Class must be equipped for business and each seat has an individual laptop point provided by ‘Connexion by Boeing’ enabling access to the internet, e-mail and live TV. This facility will be available throughout the aircraft and will also being extended to our long haul Airbus fleet during 2007. Additional ‘entertainment’ is provided by a choice of up to 18 films, inter active games and the Flying casino.

So now you can have a small taste of your time at your destination whilst in the air:enjoy fine food & wine, sleep, work, meet new people and even visit a casino. The new Business Class from Austrian, a new dimension in comfort for all your senses.