JAL expands cargo transportation

JAL’s cargo network between Japan and southern USA will be expanded from June 3, 2006 with the launch of a new cargo transportation service called JAL Southern Flash.

Through a partnership with Florida West International Airways, JAL Southern Flash enables customers to ship their cargo by air between Japan and two new cities in southern USA: Dallas and Miami. Using this service, cargo is carried between either Tokyo, Narita or Nagoya, Centrair airports and Atlanta on JALCARGO flights; and transferred onto connecting Florida West cargo flights operating between Atlanta and either Dallas or Miami.

When compared to JAL’s current trucking services, JAL Southern Flash will reduce the amount of time it takes to transport freight between Atlanta and Dallas by 2 days, and between Atlanta and Miami by 1 day.

The new service provides customers with a safe, reliable, high speed cargo transportation service, combined with the added convenience of being able to trace shipments over the Internet.

JAL has blocked a total of 80 tons space each way between Japan and the two new destinations per week to ensure that it can meet the needs of its customers whatever size of freight they wish to transport. The airline expects to handle a total of 400 tons of cargo per month through the introduction of this new service.


Currently JALCARGO offers dedicated 747 freighter services to six cities in the USA - Anchorage, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco - linking to scheduled truck services serving some 18 off-line cities across the US and Canada.