Jumeirah launches ‘JCast’

Jumeirah has announced a new podcast service called ‘JCast’ to deliver to its guests all around the world the latest news and property videos of Jumeirah. Jumeirah’s podcasts are designed primarily to give our guests a tool to show their friends and family where they stayed and to keep them informed about the new happenings in the Jumeirah world.

JCasts are comprised of a series of brief biweekly episodes about the Jumeirah Brand, Jumeirah Programs and Jumeirah Hotels. Guests can download these promotion videos to their iPod or watch it on their personal computers when they want, where they want, and how they want. Over 850 guests have accessed these podcasts during the trial period before its official launch.

“Jcasts can be accessed at the users’ convenience, to deliver a virtual personalised experience of Jumeirah. These technologies can transform the value we deliver to our guests and make our properties more accessible. Our goal is to enhance our guests’ overall experience and engagement with us’, explains Kristie Willmott, Group Director, Jumeirah E-Business and Consumer Development.

Chief Marketing and Business Innovation Officer of Jumeirah, Bill Walshe states; ‘JCasts are part of Jumeirah’s on-going commitment to provide its guests with top quality, cutting-edge service and to provide a creative and convenient way to learn about Dubai. Jumeirah is one of the first luxury groups to introduce this technology into the hospitality industry. We are proud to embrace the latest technology and maintain our core essence to ‘Stay Different’.’

With iTunes:


Subscribe easily to the JCast (iTunes for Windows or Mac required, get it from www.apple.com/itunes ):

In iTunes choose Menu item: “Advanced” click on -> “Subscribe to Podcast…” and paste this URL into the open window: http://jumeirah.podspot.de/rss

If you are not using iTunes:

Or enter this link into your Podcast Reader (RSS Reader): http://jumeirah.podspot.de/rss )

For additional information please visit http://www.jumeirah.com/JCast