Martinair implements Worldspan tech

In a new multi-year agreement, Martinair has chosen to implement Worldspan’s Rapid Reprice technology, the most highly developed, multi-platform solution for repricing and reissuing airline tickets when traveler itineraries change. Martinair is a leading passenger, cargo and charter airline based in the Netherlands, offering service to destinations worldwide. Worldspan, L.P., developer of Rapid Reprice and many other market- leading technologies for airlines, is a global travel technology provider and the world leader in Web-based e-commerce travel.

“Martinair has a longstanding technology partnership with Worldspan and we continually expand our use of their solutions. Worldspan’s Rapid Reprice technology allows us to meet our specific requirements and time-to-market plans while enabling us to increase efficiency and lower transaction costs,” said Sander Heijmans, senior vice president of Passenger Business for Martinair. “We will first introduce Rapid Reprice at our Web sites, allowing customers globally to change their itineraries online in seconds, and this will be followed immediately by release to our reservations and ticket agents worldwide.”

In use by the majority of the world’s leading travel Web sites, as well as global airlines and a growing number of travel agencies, Rapid Reprice is the first technology worldwide to automate the complex itinerary repricing process, a costly and time-consuming process that most airlines conduct manually. It is also the first solution of its kind to be adopted by major international carriers.

“With proven global application in both the online e-commerce and traditional travel channels, Rapid Reprice will enable Martinair to dramatically increase customer satisfaction, while reducing its operating costs and protecting valuable revenue otherwise lost in the manual ticket repricing process,” said Kevin Ficco, Worldspan vice president - Airline Distribution and Business Development.

More than 45 million Rapid Reprice transactions have been processed since the product was introduced in 2001. In addition to being the first automated airline ticket repricing tool, Rapid Reprice is also the first solution of its kind to integrate 13 months of historical fare and rule data into the repricing process, and first to integrate fare and rule data from Airline Tariff Publishing Company’s (ATPCO) Voluntary Changes, Voluntary Cancels, Net Fares, Private Fares and Fare-by-Rule categories. It is also first to use the Electronic Ticket Record (ETR) to compare old and new itineraries for the most current, accurate itinerary information.


Airline reservations and ticket agents increase productivity by up to 75 percent using Rapid Reprice, compared to the manual process. Keystrokes are reduced from approximately 500 to fewer than 10, and total transaction time is cut from 30 minutes or more to less than one minute. In one transaction and in just seconds, Rapid Reprice gathers old and new fare and rule data, and returns a new, accurate ticket price, including appropriate fares, taxes, additional collections or refunds, and applicable penalties or administrative fees.

Martinair is a Worldspan participating carrier and a user of several other Worldspan airline technologies. Through Worldspan, travel distributors and buyers worldwide are able to interact directly with Martinair’s internal reservations system to obtain last-seat availability, create guaranteed bookings and receive electronic tickets. Martinair uses Worldspan’s leading e-ticket technologies, and is a subscriber of Worldspan SecuRate(R) Air Plus, a completely Web-enabled leader in negotiated fares management technology.

Martinair serves more than two million passengers annually and is one of the world’s largest cargo airlines. It offers daily flights to destinations around the world from its base at Schiphol International Airport (AMS) near Amsterdam.