TripAdvisor picks up Webby People’s Voice Awards

TripAdvisor has been
awarded two Webby People’s Voice Awards for the best site in the Travel and
Community categories. The Webby People’s Voice Award winners are determined
by the votes of people around the world speaking out for their favorite

“Being the largest source of travel information isn’t enough to win a
Webby People’s Voice Award, it’s the high degree of engagement—drawing
our users in to be an integral part of the site—to participate, not
‘spectate,’ that sets us apart and makes us the choice of the user
community,” said Steve Kaufer, TripAdvisor CEO. “The essence of the whole
Web 2.0 phenomenon, user-generated content and participation, has been the
foundation of TripAdvisor from its beginning.”
  The community award recognized TripAdvisor as the leader among the
broad category of sites creating and facilitating online community,
connectedness and/or communication around shared interests. Competitors for
the travel category bested by TripAdvisor included online agents for
purchasing tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, vacation packages and other
travel services including online travel guides, travel writing, and travel
  TripAdvisor recently launched TripAdvisor Inside, a travel wiki
covering 23,000 featured destinations, allowing travelers to create, edit
or simply peruse the most comprehensive and freshest travel guidebook
information. TripAdvisor also launched goLists this week, allowing
travelers to publish lists on their favorite destinations, attractions,
activities, hotels, restaurants and more.