Lufthansa Flynet getting top marks

Lufthansa and Connexion by Boeing will be celebrating the second
anniversary of the successful introduction of the Internet service on board Lufthansa aircraft.The as yet unique high-speed Internet access has met with such a positive response
from the airline’s passengers, that the service is now available on about 80 percent
of all long-haul flights; for example, from Frankfurt to Los Angeles or from Munich
to Tokyo. The service consists of the exclusive Lufthansa-Flynet portal which is
offered to the guests free of charge, and Internet access from Connexion by Boeing
(CBB) for which a fee is charged. As a further service, Internet users on the
aircraft are offered live TV with four English-language channels. Most recently, CBB
additionally extended satellite cover to the Mid-Atlantic Region.

“Our experience shows that more and more customers are specifically selecting flight
connections which can offer the Flynet service”, explains Thierry Antinori,
Executive Vice-president Marketing and Sales at Lufthansa German Airlines.
Currently, 61 aircraft are already equipped with this service - recognizable by the
hot-spot logo in the cabin

“We are very glad that our pioneering partnership with
Lufthansa is proceeding so successfully,” said Connexion by Boeing Vice President
Stan Deal. “Connexion offers real added value for airlines and passengers, and the
consumer acceptance and repeat usage of the service is reflective of that fact.” A
current survey by Burke Research, which conducts regular studies on customer
satisfaction on behalf of Connexion by Boeing, confirms the high level of acceptance
and satisfaction of passengers. The results of the current survey among German
customers provide information about customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and user

*    94 percent of German users would also like to make use of the Connexion
service on future flights.
*      94 percent would further recommend the service.
*      94 percent of customers are generally satisfied with the service.

Among the major advantages of the services from Connexion by Boeing for the
passenger are, being productive (52 percent), using e-mail services (24 percent) and
keeping in touch (15 percent).


The study asked the respondents for what purpose they had used the service on board:

*      93 percent of respondents access their e-mails from the office, for this purpose
most made use of a virtual private network;
*      67 percent access their private e-mails;
*      69 percent surf on the Internet;
*      31 percent contact their friends and family via instant messaging systems or