Bird flu may have mutated into human strain

The recent news over the last few days of confirmed “clusters” being reported in Indonesia is posing the grim reality that the bird flu virus may have now mutated into a form that can be passed among humans. Although the human to human transmission may not be an easy one.  “What we’re finding is that there’s no evidence of any further spread beyond this one cluster,” said Steven Bjorge of the World Health Organization in Jakarta.

The current fatality rate for this particular strainof the H5N1 virus is 78% and appears to be somewhat Tamiflu resistant, which is different from the strain found in Turkey.

Once the virus has mutated, it will take 1 - 4 days before symptoms first appear because of what is known as the “incubation period.” During this time frame of the initial mutation, the virus will have a chance to spread around the globe via airport travel, which will most likely result insimultaneous outbreaks around the world.

Some experts feel that this super-influenza virus will transform the world overnight into a situation resembling the New Orleans catastrophe. All deliveries to stores, restaurants and gas stations would immediately cease because people would either be too sick or too scared to attend their jobs.This would cause huge shortages in a matter of just a few days. People need to begin buying extra supplies today.

The best way to survive this super flu pandemic is to minimize contact with other people. This will require people to stay in their homes for an extended period of time. Without adequate food and water, this cannot beaccomplished. In addition, if people wait too long before they begin buying extra supplies they may find that there are no supplies left to purchase.


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