Silver surfers pick cruise websites

The latest analysis from Hitwise UK reveals that Travel Cruises websites appeal to older, well-off segments of the UK population, more than any other category of websites. The Travel - Cruises category attracted a larger share of internet visits from those aged 55+ than any other category in the week ending 29th April 2006. More than one third of visitors to the category were aged 55%, which is more than double (+138%) the average for all categories of websites.

Travel websites as a whole are also popular with these so called ‘silver surfers’, with the Travel parent category attracting one fifth more visits from the 55+ age group in the past four weeks than average.

The Travel - Cruises websites receiving the largest share of visits from this age group were Celebrity Shore Excursions, Celebrity Cruises UK, and Cumbria Cruise Club. The Travel websites receiving the largest share of visits from this age group were The Caravan Club, AirMiles UK, P&O Ferries, Monarch Airlines, and Holiday Autos - UK.
“Travel websites generally receive a one-fifth larger share of visits from UK internet users aged 55+ than average and every Travel sub-category attracts a larger share of visits from the 55+ age group” said Heather Hopkins, Director of Research for Hitwise UK. “Travel is one of the more established e-commerce categories and has proven popular with silver surfers who are both cash rich and time rich. Travel websites seeking to target this audience should ensure their websites are well designed for researching holidays and destinations, as well as for booking. Also, by understanding a site’s audience online, online marketers can more effectively target campaigns and promotions.”

Analysis of the Experian Mosaic profiles of visitors to Travel - Cruise sites reveals strengths with Mosaic Groups that are wealthy and are either empty nesters or whose children will soon be entering university. The three Mosaic Groups with which Travel - Cruise websites show the greatest strengths relative to all categories of sites are “Symbols of Success”, “Suburban Comfort” and “Grey Perspectives”. Travel - Cruise websites attract 45% more visits from the group Symbols of Success than average, a group described as “People with rewarding careers who live in sought after locations, affording luxuries and premium quality products”.