Royal Jordanian selects PROS

PROS announced the signing of a new partnership with Royal Jordanian Airline.

Royal Jordanian Airline licensed the PROS Airline Solutions Suite, which includes the PROS 6 Revenue Management System, the PROS Group System and the PROS Network Revenue Planning System (NRPS).

“After an extensive evaluation of all solutions available, Royal Jordanian is pleased to select the state-of-the-art PROS Revenue Management Airline Solutions Suite,” said Royal Jordanian President and CEO Samer Majali. He further states, “As Royal Jordanian continues its expansion and prepares for membership in the oneworld alliance, our objective is to find the absolute best solution from the best provider. We are delighted that we have achieved this through our new partnership with PROS. Our expectation is that the PROS Suite of systems will enable us to maximize revenue from all segments of passenger business with renewed strategic and tactical focus.”

With the PROS Airline Solution Suite, Royal Jordanian will benefit from proven scientific forecasting and optimization techniques and sophisticated decision support tools to establish a competitive advantage in formulating revenue management and pricing strategies. The solution maximizes revenue for Royal Jordanian by optimizing inventory with the appropriate fare mix, by evaluating the right price for groups and managing the entire group business process, and by rationalizing the pricing structure to leverage network traffic mix.

“We are extremely honored that Royal Jordanian selected the PROS Airline Solution Suite for their revenue management mission,” said Benson Yuen, President Airline Group at PROS. “With the deployment of the PROS revenue maximizing business solution, this is the beginning of a long and successful partnership with one of the most established airlines in the Middle East,” he added