Japanese Government select Connexion

Connexion by Boeing is being chosen to provide in-flight Internet access for e-mail, data and voice services for the Government of Japan. The agreement calls for the installation of the Connexion by Boeing mobile information service on two 747-400 executive transport aircraft operated by the Government of Japan starting in February 2007. Installation of the Connexion by Boeing next-generation antenna will be performed by Japan Airlines. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.
“This decision by the Government of Japan reinforces the value of in-flight connectivity, and the importance of real-time information for critical decision-making needs,” said Ed Laase, director, Connexion by Boeing Government and Executive Programs. “While the Connexion service is used by airline passengers worldwide, there also is huge value in real-time information and Internet access for this specialized area of executive transportation.” The two aircraft to be modified are used by the Government of Japan to provide transportation for the Emperor and high-ranking government officials.
The agreement includes the Connexion by Boeing Executive Private Voice option, a hybrid Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service that provides a high quality point-to-point telephone service at a significant cost savings over current services offered by other providers.