in travel drive is strengthening its position as a leading online mapping and location-based provider for the travel sector. New travel client wins announced from early 2005 to date include Wyndham Hotels,, Commonwealth Travel Services Corporation, and

For companies in the travel sector, the internet continues to be the fastest-growing channel to market by a wide margin. According to USA Today, 42% of all travel industry revenues in the US are now generated through the web, and growth in internet sales is still in double digits. However, while the online travel market is experiencing very solid growth, this has not translated into customer loyalty for many sites. These trends represent a large opportunity, and a serious challenge: Multimap can help web sites to turn these lookers into bookers. Adding maps and travel directions makes travel websites a valuable destination resource for online customers, equipping them with the location information they need to have the confidence to proceed to make a booking. Site traffic, visitor retention and customer loyalty increase when users find everything they need, including top-notch mapping services, on travel web sites.

Willem Mijnarends, Vice President, Sales for Multimap North America, stated, “Multimap has over a decade’s experience in the provision of top-notch online mapping and location-based services to businesses across the globe. With over 1,000 business clients on our books, we are in a very strong position to understand and anticipate the needs of this sector, and to deliver mapping solutions quickly and smoothly. This strength, combined with the quality and breadth of our mapping coverage, born of partnerships with leading mapping data providers in every geography and at every scale, make us the obvious mapping partner of choice for many businesses in the travel sector and beyond.”