Dubai, Saudi team up over marketing

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) recently hosted a delegation from the Supreme Commission for Tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who came to Dubai to learn of the success in the marketing of Dubai as a leading tourist and travel destination.
In the past decade, Dubai has stunned the world with its mind-boggling growth and its ambitious developments to firmly establish its position on top of the world tourism map.

Its aggressive expansion agenda is the fruit of an inspirational public-private sector partnership and government’s unwavering determination to be a model business and leisure destination.

The Saudi delegation who were in Dubai from April 23rd to May 1 were briefed by different managers from the DTCM. The managers involved in the training session included DTCM Human Resources Manager, Mr. Ibrahim Yaqoot, DTCM Manager, Mission Mr. Hamad bin Mejren, DTCM Manager, Overseas Promotions, Mr. Khalifa Ali Buamaim.

Mr. Ibrahim Yaqoot, DTCM Manager Human Resources: “There is a continuous framework of cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Dubai and the visit of the Saudi delegation will further strengthen the traditional understanding and cooperation between the two destinations.”

The DTCM Manager, Visitors Information Bureaus, Mr. Salah Al Ansari, DTCM Manager, Media Relations, Mr. Eyad Ali Addulrahman, DTCM Manager, Events Mr. Marwan Bin Beyat also held discussions with the visiting Saudi delegation offering them valuable insights into the hard-work that has gone into positioning Brand Dubai.


The other managers involved in the training session included DTCM Manager Licensing & Classification, Mr, Khalid A Bin Touq, DTCM Manager, Media and Avertising, Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Ahmed Al Tunaiji and DTCM Senior Manager, One Stop Information Centre, Mr. Udaya Indrarathna.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an important source market for Dubai with the number of hotel guests from Saudia Arabia to Dubai in 2005 recording a 33 per cent increase from 2004. Dubai played host to 648,000 (approx) guests in 2005.