AA pins hopes on DVD inflight games

American Airlines are testing the old adage that time flies when you’re having
fun by inking a deal with Screenlife, maker of Scene It? The DVD Game .Scene It? The DVD Game will offer a wide
array of games on more than 29,000 monthly entertainment-equipped American Airlines domestic
and international flights.
  The game launch, partially sponsored by Sierra Mist, follows a
highly successful pilot program executed in the fall of 2005.
  “The pilot test showed us the value of offering passengers new and
different forms of entertainment,” said Mary McKee, American’s Managing
Director - Inflight Products. “Screenlife games have the power to engage a
diverse audience, so they’re a great fit for American Airlines. Our
customers enjoy the variety provided by the game content, and we are
pleased to continue offering onboard trivia for their entertainment.”
  Over the course of the next 12 months, 48 game programs will be shown
prior to American Airlines inflight movies. Each month, approximately 4.4
million passengers will have the opportunity to test their pop culture
knowledge at 30,000 feet. Each Screenlife game program features real clips
from hit movies like “Titanic”, “Office Space” and “Gladiator,” as well as
highlights from popular TV shows like “Survivor,” “American Idol” and
  “We’re very enthusiastic about giving travelers a fun, interactive
experience in the air,” said Dave Long, Screenlife’s co-founder and CEO.
“Our partnership with an industry leader like American Airlines is just one
of the ways we’re working to broaden our presence in the world of
    Entertainment fans will be challenged by questions like:
    *  Name the actress who played these characters:  Daisy Araujo, Vivian
      Ward and Anna Scott.

    *  Who is the first Friend to find out that Monica and Chandler are

    *  Which band sang the following songs: ‘New’, ‘I’m Just a Girl’ and ‘Hey

    *  Who was taken as the number one overall draft pick in the 2003 NBA
  Frequent fliers who expect to trump their less-traveled seat mates may
want to hold off issuing a challenge: each month, four different games will
be available, alternating on an eastbound/westbound and semi-monthly
rotation. In addition, a special selection of Screenlife games will be
available on DVD to First and Business Class passengers on select flights
in their Inflight Theater Kits. In May, passengers will enjoy the following
trivia lineup on all American flights equipped with inflight entertainment
    *  Scene It? Disney Edition

    *  Scene It? Music Edition


    *  Scene It? Turner Classic Movies Edition

    *  Scene It? TV Edition
  Other exciting titles, including American Idol-All Star Challenge,
Scene It? Marvel Edition and DVD Blast!, will be featured on future
American Airlines flights.
  The American Airlines in-flight program is one of several new
relationships Screenlife is forging as it expands into new entertainment
platforms. Earlier this year, the company’s blockbuster Scene It? DVD game
was introduced to 9.5 million homes across the country as an On Demand
feature on Comcast, America’s leading digital cable provider.