Microtel opts for Oxford Media VOD

Oxford Media has signed an agreement with the Microtel Inn &
Suites (Tampa, FL) and Safar Inn (Clearwater, FL) for digital Video-on-Demand and
Pay-Per-View entertainment. Installation is scheduled to be completed in
May 2006.
  “We have seen a dramatic increase in the number of hotels interested in
Oxford Media’s VOD and PPV services. This system provides an excellent
answer for the medium to large hotels looking to increase revenue and guest
services with a turn-key solution and an immediate ROI,” said Mike Wallick,
President, Y-Max Media LLC. “The Safar Inn selected Oxford Media’s VOD
system due to its seamless integration with their current FTG services.
With a multitude of available configurations and the interaction with their
Property Management System, the decision to go with Oxford Media was an
easy one.”
  “We are especially pleased to issue this announcement as it represents
our 20th property we have publicly announced since implementing our dealer
program. This brings our publicly announced room total to 1,801. Not
including the system sales, we would expect these rooms to generate
approximately $40,000 per month in gross recurring monthly revenue. In
addition to these hotels, we have many unannounced properties under
contract with a growing pipeline,” said Lew Jaffe, CEO of Oxford Media,
  As part of the Agreement, Oxford Media was granted “rooftop rights” to
install a WiMAX antenna or similar transmitting/receiving device on the
rooftop of the Microtel Inn & Suites and Safar Inn. The sole consideration
to be paid by Oxford Media for these rooftop rights will be a percentage of
future revenue derived from the antenna, which is to be negotiated.