Expedia reveals customised service

Expedia.com is introducing
a service that allows travelers to set up customized searches for flights,
hotels, vacation packages and travel deals and have the results
automatically sent to them.Using RSS technology, Expedia.com now provides
customers who have personalized homepages, the Google homepage with the
latest prices on trips they’re interested in, saving customers the time and
trouble of making the same search over and over.
  RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is an increasingly
popular way for people to collect continuously updated information from
various Web sites. Many news organizations, blogs, and other sites provide
RSS “feeds” that are picked up by personalized homepages.
  By telling Expedia what destinations and types of trips they would like
to monitor, travelers can receive up-to-date, customized travel information
in one easy, accessible place, alongside their news headlines, weather
updates and other personalized homepage information. Consumers can visit
http://www.expedia.com/RSS to access the service and create custom searches.
  “Expedia’s real-time alerts on travel deals provide more options and
more information than any other in online travel, such as the ability to
select alerts for trip types, such as beach destinations and luxury trips,”
says Sally McKenzie, general manager of Expedia.com. “This is just another
example of how Expedia continues to enhance the travel experience by giving
travelers the travel intelligence and tools they want, when, where and how
they want it.”
  While other online travel providers are offering RSS, none offer the
level of superior travel content that Expedia offers. Expedia brings more
variety, greater ease of use, personalized information about multiple
destinations, and additional trip details, including hotel content, prices
and star ratings.
  Adds McKenzie: “This service is flexible and robust, offering a
superior experience to other online travel agencies. As the industry
leader, Expedia provides advanced technology, more insight and a greater
selection of destinations than any other agency.”