launched by Oister

C. Ronald Oister, co-founder
of today announced the launch of a new traveler search
tool, one-stop source, City Destinations
provides “Tourist and Traveler” information, initially on 230 Domestic U.S.
and International destinations.
  For each city listed, offers valuable local
information and links to maps, police, transportation alternatives,
hospitals, local newspapers/television/radio, museums, theater, pro sports,
convention centers, hotels, colleges, tourist sites, and weather. Subjects
listed are designed to meet the information needs of tourists and business
travelers who desire to learn more about a specific city. Currently,
multiple sites exist to find airline, hotel, car rental costs/availability
but lack tourist and traveler information. Instead of returning repeatedly
to a search engine for multiple searches, travelers can now click on , identify their city of choice, and
immediately access a broad spectrum of information about a specific
  The current site provides information and links to official tourist
websites for cities in all 50 states, as well as in English-speaking
countries, such as Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and
the United Kingdom. Future plans call for expansion to offer tourist and
travel information on an even greater number of U.S. and International
destinations, including those in the Caribbean, European Union, Asia and
the Far East.
  In addition to the convenience of a one-stop search tool for travelers,
the site also provides local businesses with an inexpensive vehicle for
Internet advertising. With a low, flat-rate ad schedule, offers small businesses an affordable way to
broadcast their goods and services to individuals traveling to their
specific city. Travelers, in turn, will be exposed to a wealth of local
options for lodging, dining and entertainment.