Coalition for Luggage Security praises Air Canada

The Coalition for Luggage Security, applauds Air Canada’s newest discount for travelers without luggage. Air Canada is reducing airfares for travelers that exclude certain options while flying.

Their Tango service and online booking rewards customers by reducing airfares when they do not check-in luggage.

“Finally, an airline beginning to acknowledge the cost of luggage and the benefits of not traveling with luggage for everyone involved. Air Canada should be congratulated for their foresight. This simplification of pricing puts the control of fares in the hands of the customer,” said Richard A. Altomare, Founder and Chairman of the Coalition for Luggage Security, and CEO of Universal Express, Inc.

“Other airlines should take their lead. We believe more airlines will adopt similar pricing and option models when they realize the savings to consumers and their own business. Soon we may see offering the shipping of luggage during reservations, and charging for carry-ons, or separate lines into airports for those travelers without luggage. The ideas are only limited by the willingness for airlines to become profitable, governments to release their controls on the traveling public, airports to utilize more effective use of space and infrastructure and most importantly for the American people to re-embrace freedom of movement without restrictions. To win the war on terror by our actions, our ideas and our resolve is the purpose of our Coalition’s position paper,” concluded Richard A. Altomare.