Hotel Arena implements TravelCLICK

Hotel Arena is implementing the TravelCLICK iHotelier Central Reservation System (CRS) for website and GDS reservations. Hotel Arena also uses a range of TravelCLICK solutions including market intelligence, distribution management and marketing services to drive its successful distribution strategy.

Housing one of Amsterdam’s hottest nightclubs, cafĂ©, restaurant and meeting halls, Hotel Arena attracts both local people and international travelers.  Its beautiful garden is one of the city’s best-kept secrets.  Formerly an orphanage, Hotel Arena’s original architecture dates from 1890.  The photo-rich format of the iHotelier booking engine effectively merchandises the architectural grandeur of the building and its fashionable interior design, highlighting the contrast of its history and its trendsetting style.
“iHotelier is the final piece of our integrated distribution strategy; it is a robust CRS that reflects the style of our property online and increases our bookings across channels,” said Jan Sistermans, General Manager for Hotel Arena. “Beyond the technology, the experience of the TravelCLICK team and their unique knowledge of international distribution systems was key in putting a comprehensive strategy together for our market.”
iHotelier’s award-winning OneScreen booking engine seamlessly integrates with Hotel Arena’s unique website. It moves guests from hotel information to the booking interface without disrupting the hotel brand image.  The intuitive design of OneScreen allows the hotel to feature its fashionable guest rooms with rich room photography and captivating descriptions.  With just one click, inventory and rates display in real time, all on one screen, creating a fully interactive shopping environment for guests.
“Hotel Arena is a savvy property that understands the value of combining market intelligence and online media to effectively position and build its own brand both online and on the ever-important travel agent channel,” said Jan Tissera, President of TravelCLICK International.  “They are able to realize the true power of TravelCLICK’s integrated approach to identify opportunities and implement strategies that drive more business to their hotel.”