Carib Star, Sun take on Sabre Airline Solutions

Caribbean Star Airlines and Caribbean Sun Airlines and Sabre Airline Solutions have announced an agreement to create front-end access to both carriers’ reservations and airport check-in.The Sabre Qik Business Processing Solutions and the Sabre Qik Developer Tool will be used to design and implement a graphical user interface that helps make operations at Caribbean Star and Caribbean Sun more cost effective by reducing user training expenses and increasing productivity.

The Qik solutions will give Caribbean Star and Caribbean Sun the ability to create highly customized user access to real-time host systems, databases, peripheral devices and other information sources through a highly flexible GUI, allowing the airline to maximize return on investment for its existing computing environment.

The Developer Tool will give the airlines flexibility to customize and integrate new technology and business procedures without requiring proprietary computer programming experience to tailor systems to both carriers’ needs. This advantage makes implementations more efficient and reduces user training expenses.

William E. “Skip” Barnette, president and CEO of Caribbean Star and Caribbean Sun, commented on the agreement, saying: “We’ve taken some major steps in recent weeks to raise our customer care services to world-class levels.

From simplified pricing to our new call center with expanded language capabilities, Caribbean Star and Caribbean Sun are putting the needs of our customers first with renewed vigor. Working with Sabre Airline Solutions is the latest step in this process.


The Qik solutions and Developer Tool create a myriad of efficiencies specifically designed to benefit our customers. Everything from purchasing tickets, to the check-in process, and boarding passengers are enhanced by these tools, creating a more pleasant travel experience for our passengers.”

The easy-to-use Qik GUI will allow Caribbean Star and Caribbean Sun to increase its reservations and check-in efficiency by creating a more customized and intuitive environment for users. Companies that implement the Qik solutions frequently experience measurable ROI in as little as three months.

“Qik solutions clients find the customized GUI can increase productivity by up to 8 percent, decrease telecommunications expenses by up to 8 percent and reduce new hire training by up to 30 percent,” said Steve Clampett, president of Airline Products and Services for Sabre Airline Solutions.

“The Qik solutions will help Caribbean Star and Caribbean Sun better compete in the marketplace by providing a cost-effective and efficient way to customize reservations and airport check-in applications.”