Bangkok Airways brings e-tickets to Cambodia

Bangkok Airways recently launched electronic tickets for flight routes between Bangkok-Phnom Penh and Bangkok-Siem Reap, while Siem Reap Airways also has E-Tickets in place for the Phnom Penh-Siem Reap route.

The implementation follows the success of the E-ticket launch on Bangkok Airways’ domestic routes in Thailand since June 2003.

Travel agents in Cambodia will soon be able to issue E-Tickets on their respective reservation systems namely, Amadeus, Abacus, and Galileo. Customers worldwide can also book their flights through the Internet without worries of losing their tickets.

E-Tickets brings convenience to air travel since each E-ticket cannot be misused due to its secure ID verification. This is now a big step forward for the aviation industry in Cambodia as it leverages the quality of air travel to international standards.